Ahja Moodulahi in cooperation with Oldschool OÜ has designed the world's first modular oven with handmade tiles. The bulky shape of the oven and the handicraft tiles intertwine a modern body with a traditional look.


The white clay’s fully embossed glazed surface creates a dignified finish. By its very nature, the new product mimics the traditional glazed tile fireplace, which relief creates a magnificent play of light and shade. Each tile of the handicraft oven is slightly different from the previous one, leaving the intended archaic impression.


Preorder 3 months!


Tints: Translucent green


Terracotta red (unglazed, red clay)

Other tints on request.

FINISHING – finished with handmade tiles

HEIGHT – from 2100mm

WIDTH – 800mm

DEPTH – 600mm

MASS – 1800kg

HEATING – Oven is for heating up to 60m².

Heat storage capacity with 16kg logs is 12-24h.

FREE installation and transportation!

The price depends on the complexity and finish of the installation.


Price from 4990 €

LHV soodsa järelmaksuga saad kauba/teenuse eest tasuda osadena. Täida taotlus SIIN või meie kaupluses ja teeme Sulle kohe pakkumise.

• Vastus taotlusele mõne minutiga.
• Sissemakse alates 0 eurost.
• Intress on alates 15,9 % ja see arvutatakse laenujäägilt.

Endale sobiva kuumakse suuruse ja tagasimakseperioodi saad valida ise. 

The factory is located in Tartu mnt. 49, Ahja vald, Põlvamaa, 63710.



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