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Ahja Moodulahi – ovens with an Estonian background that we build up, but you create!

If the primary purpose when choosing a furnace is heating, then the modular oven is undoubtedly the best choice. A fireplace oven is an oven with a glass door which, when heated, stores warm air and heats the room for up to 24 hours. The heat of the oven is cosier than any other heating! We make our ovens of durable croval material, which has a high heat storage capacity due to its high specific gravity. Such ovens have been undisputed favourites in Finland for over 60 years. The modular oven gives off heat evenly, pleasantly and durably.

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The project aims to raise the competitiveness of OÜ Ahja Moodulahi by increasing production and introducing new models of stoves and ovens. This project opens the door to a leading position in the Baltic States in the production of modular ovens. Following the completion of a new factory and production line, we plan to build the most modern furnace testing laboratory and study class in the Baltic States

Ahja Moodulahi also offers LHV hire purchase. You can read the terms and conditions of the installment HERE

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The factory is located in Tartu mnt. 49, Ahja vald, Põlvamaa, 63710.



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